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BBC Earth Launches With New Shows and Live Panda Cams

bbcearthJust in case you didn’t have enough fall television to catch up on, the BBC has released a new channel of sorts on their website. BBC Earth will have ten content “strands” of new shows and the site will also be home to it’s archives. The content hub is meant to complement BBC America’s Earth Night every Tuesday. Editor Matt Walker says in the release:

We share a never ending curiosity with our audience and being digital allows us to interact more closely with them. We want people to share their own content with us and their network through social media and show us what inspires them. Our mission is to bring visitors to BBC Earth something amazing every single day and we have an incredible wealth of content to offer from mind-bending stories to stunning photography and film that will change the way one thinks about our universe.

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Mediabistro Course

Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia JournalismStarting September 25, learn how to create interactive packages with photos, audio, and video! Taught by a multiplatform journalist, Darragh Worland will teach you how to come up stories that would be best told in a multimedia format, and create original content for that package using photos, slideshows, and short video and audio pieces. Register now! 

Starz’s ‘Black Sails’ Makes Brands Walk the Plank on #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Bx54yveCEAIsCjJLast Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day - a big social media event each year – and brands inevitably try to capitalize on the trending #TalkLikeAPirateDay hashtag on Twitter.

The problem, though, according to Starz’s pirate-centric ‘Black Sails,’ is that brands don’t know how to truly talk like pirates; so the “Black Sails” crew showed them how.

The best exchange stemmed from a White Castle tweet: “Why just talk like a pirate when you can eat like one, too? Sliderrrrrs. #TalkLikeAPirateDay.”

Black Sails replied: “.@WhiteCastle Eat like a pirate? I’m guessing your sliders are not made of ship rats like ours are. #TalkLikeAPirate #BlackSails.”

This forced White Castle to have to respond with a tweet that made it clear that their burgers were 100% beef: “.@BlkSails_Starz Arrrrren’t ye the jokester? #100PercentBeef

Below, a ‘Black Sails’ storify highlighting its best exchanges with brands on Talk Like a Pirate Day: Read more

How Lingospot is Using Metadata to Improve TV Viewing

full_logo_square820Lingospot began in 2007 as a content recommendation service for publishers. At the time, the product analyzed the context of Forbes, Bloomberg, and Boston Globe content, and then linked readers to other related content within the publisher. Lingospot has since pivoted and in the past year and a half has built a similar type of product for TV viewing. Through metadata, the company attempts to understand what viewers are watching on TV – and more, what is taking place from moment to moment. Then, they try to figure out how to improve that TV viewing experience.

“I think metadata is in its infancy when it comes to video,” Lingospot CEO Nikos Iatropoulos tells Lost Remote.  ”In a typical music scheduling system, you’ll find hundreds of metadata fields per song, and Pandora has said to use over 450 different metadata fields per song for their Music Genome project.  So, if a 5-minute song warrants 450 fields, how many should a one-hour segment of ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter,’ an episode of the ‘Tonight Show’ or an episode of ‘The Voice’ have?  I think that we are merely scratching the surface when it comes to the use of TV metadata, and the next three to five years will be extremely interesting as some of the applications of this newfound intelligence about video start hitting the market.”

As more households become ‘connected,’ whether through smart TVs or OTT devices, viewers will want supplementary content while watching TV. This was the idea behind Pixie, which we recently wrote about — to provide additional information on the first screen rather than the second or third screens. For more on Lingospot, and how it intends to use metadata to bridge the gap between lean-back TV viewing and the interactivity of web content, we spoke with Iatropoulos.  Read more

From The New York Times Wedding Section, a Marriage That Started With Social TV

Sue Kessler/Christian Oth Studio

Sue Kessler/Christian Oth Studio

Michelle Katharine Barna and Joanna Ruth Stern were married last Sunday evening, thanks to Barna stumbling upon Stern’s tweets about the series finale of “The L Word.”

Barna is the director of social media at Deep Focus, an agency that has conceived many great social TV programs, while Stern is a personal technology columnist at the ‘Wall Street Journal.’ Forget about proving a positive correlation between tweet activity and ratings when we now know it can lead to true love!

From ‘The Times‘:

The couple met where one might expect a social media expert and a technology journalist to meet: on Twitter.

In February 2009, Ms. Stern happened to stumble upon Ms. Barna’s humorous tweets while searching for comments about the Showtime series finale of “The L Word,” a television drama series about lesbian, bisexual, straight and transgender people.

“I started paging through her previous tweets, and there were a lot of snarky things about the show, about social media, being gay and being very tech savvy,” Ms. Stern said. “All of her sarcasm really caught my attention. I felt she had a personality similar to mine.”

After reading Ms. Barna’s tweets, Ms. Stern followed her on the service and the two soon realized they had emailed previously about a work-related matter. They began a two-week correspondence, which led to a night out for drinks at a Manhattan bar that lasted more than five hours.

“She was just such an incredible personality,” Ms. Barna said. “She was someone I wanted to get to know better, not necessarily romantically, but just someone I wanted to have in my life, someone I had this magnetic pull toward.”

They quickly became friends and within five months were dating.

She May Have Been Named Miss America, But How Did Miss New York Fare on Twitter?

640_kira_kazantsev_140914_s‘Miss America’ aired Sunday night on ABC, and Miss New York won the pageant for the third straight year.

According to our analytics partner Canvs, which measures Twitter sentiment, 85,814 of the 303,900 tweets about the telecast were emotional reactions. Fans on Twitter offered up many ‘congratulations’ once the winner was announced, but during the talent portion of the show 35% of the emotional reactions to Miss New York’s solo cup rendition of Pharell’s ‘Happy’ were negative (“WTF” and “disappointed”). Miss Mississippi may not have won, but Twitter was impressed by her “legit” singing talent.

Below, some more insights from Canvs on what drove the Twitter conversation, followed by an infographic:

The most popular states in terms of reaction volume were:

1. New York was mentioned in 8.2% of reactions, not surprising since Miss New York took home the crown.

2. Mississippi was mentioned in 4.4% of reactions. Reactions for Miss Mississippi were driven primarily by her singing talent, which people thought was impressive.

3. Arkansas was mentioned in 4.2% of reactions, driven by Miss Arkansas’s stunning black dress.

4. Florida was mentioned in 3.2%. The fact that Miss Florida loves Waffle House was popular on Twitter.

5. Ohio was mentioned in 2.9% of reactions, driven by her impressive ventriloquism act. Read more

American Horror Story Asks Fans To Design Costumes

AHSFreakShowCalling all fashion forward freaks: “American Horror Story” premieres on Oct. 8 and they’re hosting a costume contest in a crafty marketing campaign.

This season is “American Horror Story: Freak Show” and fans are asked to submit a sketch of a costume inspired by the show. Head costume designer for the FX hit,Lou Eyrich, Fashion Designer Christian Siriano, and President of Marketing and On-air Promotions for FX, Stephanie Gibbons will be the judges. The Grand Prize winner receives $5,000.00 a chance to meet Lou Eyrich, and will see their sketch turned into the real thing on an AHS inspired photo-shoot. The garment will be featured on the show website and across social media.

A runner up will receive “social media acknowledgement” and $1,500. From the amount of social buzz “AMerican Horror Story” generates, a tweet from the show is worth $1,500 on its own. Fans can submit their designs until the 8th and learn more here.

This isn’t the only contest the show holds — they have a daily sweepstakes where fans can enter to watch the premiere in L.A. and their Tumblr has a countdown clock to the 8th. #AmericanHorrorStory and #AHSFreakShow are already floating around Twitter and fans can hardly contain themselves. Another social media win for FX and the show’s not even on the air yet.

WatchUp Adds New Channels, Features to App

Watchup, a personalized video platform specifically for news broadcasts, announced the launch of their new app designed specifically for iOS 8. They’ve partnered with some big names — in both news and video — like PBS, Univision, and The Washington Post. You start the app, choose your preferences, and let the app aggregate your nightly newscast.

For the new app, they’ve added some features like being able to scroll to delete a video from the newscast, preview the program in notifications, and they’ve added Arirang TV and The Young Turks to their channel lineup. You can download the app as soon as you update your operating system (like, now.)

Joan Rivers’ Facebook Page Posts About iPhone 6

RiversEven in death, Joan Rivers is getting her say. Well, by accident.

TMZ reports on Rivers’ Facebook post from this morning (to the right), since deleted, which describes the new iPhone 6 as a “great product.”

TMZ suspects the post was the result of a pre-negotiated deal between Apple and Rivers before her death. Lesson for social media editors: always check your scheduled posts!

Tonight, E! Entertainment will air a special 90-minute episode of Rivers’ former program, “Fashion Police.” This episode will be titled “Celebrating Joan,” airing at 8pmET. Joan’s daughter, Melissa, will appear on the program.

Conan and Cranston Create Buzz in This Week’s Top 5 Viral TV Clips

5by_mobile_app_screenshot_304x200In this Friday’s installment of our partnership with 5by, the video discovery platform that curates the web’s best viral videos, we take a look at the top five videos of the week from the platform’s TV category.

Trending this week on social are funny clips from staples Conan O’Brien (2x) and Jimmy Fallon, and a special one-man show from Bryan Cranston. For more on the videos selected, Theo Tabah, 5by’s Head of Content:

This week, we bring you some of the funniest TV clips the Internet has to offer. With Ellen back in the picture, Conan and Jimmy on their game as usual, and Bryan Cranston making a special appearance courtesy of TBS, humor proved to be the key component in huge views and achieving social success.

Conan earned two slots in this week’s lineup. First, a never-before-seen SNL skit with a spot-on impersonation of Aziz Ansari played by Nasim Pedrad, and second, another edition of ‘Coffee Table Books That Didn’t Sell,’ which proved to be funnier than we could’ve anticipated. 

Fallon nailed another lip sync battle, this time with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton (sorry Jimmy, it’s safe to say you lost this one). Ellen has returned with haste, and in her first edition of ‘In-Your-Ear’ this season, she hilariously dictates an audience member disguised as a Dunkin’ Donuts cashier in LA. The ‘broken telephone’ phenomena proved to make the bit even better than usual.

Finally, TBS and Bryan Cranston teamed up to create a one-man MLB show that we wish was actually on broadway…Kind of. Extremely well done nonetheless, it’s always a pleasure seeing Walter White in a more comedic role, proving he does indeed have mad acting skills. Standing-O good sir, we’re eagerly awaiting your next project.

3 Predictions for How the iPhone 6 Will Impact Social TV

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.51.13 PMThe highly anticipated iPhone 6 hits shelves (and doorsteps) tomorrow. To date, the talk has largely centered on the size of the phone, so much so that ‘The Verge’ published erotic poetry comprised exclusively of reviews.

Size matters, but so does the faster processor, Apple Pay (the new mobile payments platform), and an improved camera – each of which will have an impact on the social TV. Twitter came to prominence on the iPhone 3, Instagram on the iPhone 4, and Vine, Snapchat, and Whisper on the iPhone 5, but it is not the phone itself that impacts the social TV landscape – rather it is how app makers like Facebook and Twitter – and the companies they acquire – take advantage of the phone’s evolution.

With this in mind, here are three predictions for how the iPhone 6 will impact social TV. Read more