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‘Peter Pan Live’ Took Out the ‘SOA’ Finale on Twitter

soafinale304x200Talk about being in the bubble. Watching the “Sons of Anarchy” series finale the other night and refreshing my Twitter feed, I was sure everyone in the whole wide world was watching and tweeting about it. And while it did rank second in the Nielsen Twitter ratings for Tuesday, compared to past episodes and other televised events this fall season, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

According to Amobee Intelligence, consumption — or how many times “Sons of Anarchy” was seen around the social web — was at 28%, which is the same as the season 7 premiere in September. When Katie Sagal’s character was murdered in early December, there was only 55% as much consumption as the premiere. During the broadcast and its after-show, there were:

65,300 tweets around #FinalRide – the hashtag heavily featured in promotional material for the episode. There were also 48,600 tweets around the show hashtag#SOA34,600 Tweets around #SOAFX24,200 tweets around #SOAFinal, and 15,500 tweets around the actual phrase Sons of Anarchy.

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TV Everywhere Let’s You Stay Plugged In During the Holidays Anywhere You Go

TV EverywhereThe holidays are here and that means long lines at department stores, waiting at the airport for delayed flights, or sitting in the carpool lane in holiday traffic. TV Everywhere is your new best friend to help pass the time and is here to remind you that you #CouldBeWatchingTV through your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you go.

No Lovely Thoughts for ‘Peter Pan Live’

peterpanliveNo one was going to make you watch NBC’s “Peter Pan: Live” and like it. Even NPR, NPR of all outlets, got in on the snark leading up to the broadcast. But people really let Allison Williams and the whole production team have it. Mocking plot points that most other productions also included. The accents (they were always British, in my mind). The dog’s name. Seriously: we mocked Nana, the dog, in “Peter Pan” last night. Are you proud of yourselves? Do you feel better? Here are some extra nasty ones:  Read more

Allison Williams Joins Facebook Ahead of Tomorrow Night’s ‘Peter Pan Live’

141017_2820050_Peter_Pan_Live__December_4_on_NBCWith so much buzz building for tomorrow night’s ‘Peter Pan Live!’ special on NBC, Allison Williams officially joined Facebook yesterday.

Williams will be starring as Peter Pan across from Christopher Walken’s Captain Hook, and she will surely attract a new, young, fan base not yet familiar with her role in HBO’s ‘Girls.’ If last year’s ‘Sound of Music Live!’ is any indication, ‘Peter Pan Live!’ will be a huge social TV event irregardless of critical reception.

More, Williams joining Facebook is another example of how the company has been making a concerted effort over the past year to join Twitter as a dominant force in the social TV conversation.

Below, Williams’ first Facebook post: Read more

Networks Opt Out of Obama’s Speech Because It’s #TGIT

obamatlakingWhile the official excuse is that the speech will be “overtly political” and that there are straight news outlets to broadcast President Obama’s immigration reform speech, we all know the real reason networks won’t be interrupting regular programming tonight.

Because you need to live-tweet “Grey’s Anatomy,” and it could theoretically cut into the Raiders – Kansas City kickoff at 8:25pm.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves. Univision will give the President ten-minutes because the Latin Grammy’s start at 7 p.m. Telemundo, CNN, and PBS will broadcast the speech in full. The hashtag, if you’re curious is #ImmigrationAction.  Or, #TGIT.

Dish Customers React to Potential CBS Blackout

cbs dishJust in time for Thursday Night Football, CBS’s contract with Dish is set to end this Thursday, and both parties are already warning viewers of a possible blackout. CBS has a website up to inform customers, have them petition via social media, and straight up change providers.

CBS does not play around, especially when the markets affected are big ones. From Variety:

The Dish-CBS standoff could black out the following stations — KCBS (L.A.), WCBS (New York), WBBM (Chicago), WBZ (Boston), KYW (Philadelphia), WCCO (Minneapolis), WFOR (Miami), WJZ (Baltimore), WWJ (Detroit), KCNC (Denver), KDKA (Pittsburg), KOVR (Sacramento), KPIX (San Francisco) and KTVT (Dallas) — along with several CW and independent channels. CW stations are WUPA (Atlanta), WKBD (Detroit), WPSG (Philadelphia), Pittsburgh (WPCW), KMAX (Sacramento), KBWC (San Francisco) and KSTW (Seattle); My Network TV stations are WSBK (Boston) and WBFS (Miami); and unaffiliated stations are KCAL (L.A.), WLNY (New York) and KTXA (Dallas).

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If You’re Tweeting About Primetime Fall TV, the Show is Probably on ABC

r05bsxABC may have been the biggest benefactor of a Nielsen ratings glitch, but its success on social this fall TV season is no fluke.

Through the first six weeks of the 2014-2015 fall season, ABC is most social broadcast network (based on regular, non-sports programming). ABC has generated more than 5.3 million tweets in primetime – good for a 68% increases year over year – single-handedly beating the combined totals of NBC (2.0 million), CBS (1.0 million), and Fox (1.0 million). Read more

Wallenda Stunt Rivals ‘Shark Week’ on Discovery Channel

8e4c57215af94c2908321849605f337eNik Wallenda and The Discovery Channel had people talking this weekend. His Chicago tightrope stunt was broadcast across multi-platforms on Sunday night, battling football and “The Walking Dead.”

Amobee Brand Intelligence shared some social numbers from Sunday evening to Monday evening. Ammiel Kamon, SVP, Product Management at Amobee tells us that:

As for social, the activity didn’t show as much of a boost for Discovery Channel itself, but plenty for Wallenda and the associated hashtag. “Discovery Channel” accounted for only 4.5% of the social activity surrounding the stunt:
  • 87.3K Tweets around #SkyscraperLive
  • 35.7K Tweets around Nik Wallenda
  • 5.75K Tweets around Discovery Channel

Clickhole Reports ‘Modern Family’ Cancelled, Internet Users “Totally Stopped Breathing”

modern familyThis morning, Clickhole published a post cancelling “Modern Family,” writing that ABC “just cancelled [it] in order to teach people that something you love can be taken from you with no warning whatsoever.”

Take a deep breath, skim readers, Clickhole is The Onion‘s viral content offshoot. But we know how this goes. It is a good example though of how different communities on different social platforms read news. In the expansive Twitter-sphere, you can hardly control the news. On Facebook, people get the joke (because they liked the parody site because it’s a parody site in the first place).

Of note, the news spread around Twitter, with many people retweeting the post and openly expressing their heartbreak with various emoji combinations. Facebook users berate each other for falling for it. On both platforms, like on most of the internet, it all devolves pretty quickly into homophobic rants. In any case, don’t worry. “Modern Family” will live on. For  now.

How ‘Selfie’ is Breaking the Fourth Wall

abc-upfront-selfieThe plot is familiar, and for social TV fans it may be a little too familiar.

ABC’s new fall series ‘Selfie’ is a modern version of ‘My Fair Lady,’ except in this retelling Eliza Dooley (played by Karen Gillan) is a social media fiend – that is until she realizes that “being friended is not the same as having actual friends.” Enter Henry (played by John Cho), an ascetic, no-nonsense marketing executive who takes Eliza on as a project.

Eliza isn’t there quite yet, and in the meantime she continues to tweet and Instagram. The show’s creative team has done an excellent job integrating graphics of Eliza’s social activity into the show, but its social TV work also extends to Eliza’s favorite platforms themselves – Twitter and Instagram.

Eliza’s posts during the show are populated on actual Twitter and Instagram accounts. For example, during last night’s episode, Eliza and her boyfriend Freddy decide to take an “after sex pic,” which we see on screen. Read more

Dateline Celebrates Premiere with Facebook Free-for-All and Live-Tweeting

To celebrate Dateline’s season premiere tonight, Lester Holt and the Dateline correspondents will engage with fans in a pre-show “Facebook free-for-all,” followed by live-tweeting during the show.

At 8PM, Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison, Lester Holt, and maybe even Hoda Kotb, will take viewer questions on the Dateline Facebook page, followed by a 15 minute break before the show.

Then, during the show, while Dennis Murphy is reporting and tweeting the mystery on the east coast, the rest of the team will also be watching and tweeting the show along with viewers. The hashtags to be used are #DontWatchAlone and #Dateline. This marks the first time ever that all of the correspondents will live tweet the show.



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