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How The College Network® And Other Online Learning Programs Are Revolutionizing Education

Online learning programs like The College Network® have considerably changed our system of education and made learning accessible to more people than ever before. With the growing acceptance and presence of remote education, adults have ample opportunities to achieve their scholastic goals from home. That increase in educational accessibility comes at just the right time. Job markets are growing increasingly competitive and many adults find they need to further develop their education to accomplish their career goals and support a family.

Convenience and flexibility are the primary concerns of adult learners seeking to pursue education, and these are the flagship traits of online learning institutions. Adult students frequently juggle full-time work schedules or struggle living on a restricted budget after losing a job. They may be caring for children and want to pursue a long-term career goal, but they still have to make a paycheck in the meantime. This makes for an overwhelming schedule that is not akin to a traditional school setting. Read more

Mediabistro Event

TVNewser Show Coming to NYC on April 29!

TVNewser ShowThe TVNewser Show Seminar & Media Job Fair will explore the way TV business and technologies are changing through informative panels and discussions with industry experts. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals at the event's exclusive media job fair. Register before midnight on April 28 to save on on-site pricing!

ThermoSpas on Getting Exercise Without Exhaustion

Hot tub manufacturing companies such as ThermoSpas spend a large amount of time presenting the relaxation benefits of their products. A nice dip in a hot tub or spa in the evening can help many people feel relaxed after a stressful day of work. Hot tubs and spas provide a high degree of luxury that people can enjoy at home as well – giving these products a big selling point for many people.

However, hot tubs are more than just relaxation tools. In fact, many people can take advantage of a hot tub for something entirely different from relaxing: exercise.

For many, hot tubs offer an exercise solution that allows them to regain their ability to get active without presenting the typical exhaustive challenges of regular exercise. This type of exercise can help many people stay active or heal injuries without a total cessation of physical activity. Read more

Bible League International To Provide ‘Prison Bible’

Bible League International believes their efforts to place Bibles in prisons may help alleviate some of the bleakness prisoners face. They’re working to spread the Word of God in ways that can be not only easily accessible to any reader, but that are actually relevant and helpful to their lives.

Indeed, prison is no happy place to be, despite how some would paint it. Free meals, free cable, internet access, a gym. That might be the claim of those who would take away what few pleasures and rights an inmate has, but the desperate truth is that cable, internet, and gyms aren’t a guarantee in prisons, and where they do exist, they benefit the institution and its employees, while doing the bare minimum to improve the lives of the prisoners themselves. As for the free meals, in many cases they are the bare minimum necessary to meet caloric requirements, and no great treat. Read more

Mahir Reiss on Jewish Community’s Suit Against Germany

There is no doubt that World War II still has a powerful impact on today’s society, but Mahir Reiss, prominent Jewish scholar, explains how one community is taking action and honoring its ancestors who were killed during this era. Greece’s largest Jewish community of Thessaloniki has recently announced that it will be acting upon a lawsuit 70 years in the making.

Mahir Reiss explains how, in 1942, thousands of Thessaloniki’s Jewish men between the ages of 18 and 45 were forcefully taken from their homes by the occupying Nazis and distributed to construction projects across the country. Roughly 10,000 men were used as slave laborers and were tasked with building roads, constructing fortifications, and repairing railways, all while suffering harsh work conditions that led to 12.5 percent mortality rate in the first two months. Read more

Skilled Investor Harmel Rayat Reveals 3 Keys to Success in 2014 and Beyond

Harmel Rayat has swiftly become one of the top performers in the global investment community.

He has proven an ability to spot trends early and develop strategies to maximize the opportunities within those trends. Rayat has been able to develop a varied and immensely profitable portfolio for him, his partners, and investors.

Here’s what he recommends as his top tips to managing your money in 2014. Read more

Television Fanatic Anticipates 2014 Premiers

The year 2013 was a big year for television; shows like Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead dominated the screens, but Television Fanatic believes that 2014 will bring in some fresh programming that is sure to attract followers. This browser extension provider is known for delivering top quality television shows to customers’ computer screens for free. Now, people do not have to focus on being near a television to catch their favorite programs.

With dozens of new shows around the corner, having this browser extension will be ideal for people that want to stay on top of their new favorite programs. Below are some of the most anticipated shows that are debuting in 2014. Read more

Bob Sloan, S3 Founder Highlights Credit Downgrades and the American Consumer

According to Bob Sloan, S3 founder and managing partner, credit downgrades are not well understood among everyday consumers. Most Americans remember the political furor that broke out when the country’s credit rating was downgraded, many months ago now. Certainly, it was a time of much panic, skepticism, and even finger-pointing. While everyone agrees that a credit downgrade is an important and highly negative occurrence, it is helpful to look closer at what it is and what it means for consumers.

This is especially true now, with a U.S. default potentially looming and some major credit agencies threatening the country with another downgrade. That same financial upheaval could break out once again, in other words. According to Bob Sloan, S3 founder, consumers need to know what a credit downgrade would mean for them, should it ever come to pass. Read more

Dr. Richard Obedian On Why You Need Cervical Decompression

Dr. Richard Obedian, M.D., F.A.A.O.S, understands that back and neck pain can impact a person’s quality of life.  It can make it more difficult for people to complete daily tasks and participate in activities that they enjoy.  As a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery, he has treated patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions.  Sometimes people experience problems due to normal wear and tear or degeneration, and other times it is due to injury.  A common procedure for alleviating neck pain is cervical decompression. Read more

UBH Denton Releases New Cutting Edge Website

UBH Denton provides behavioral healthcare to the north Texas area, with the hospital’s commitment to care of the highest level and evidence based treatment. Now, with the hospital’s release of their new website, patients can further enhance their experience.

The hospital focuses on mental health and substance dependency care and treatment, and emphasizes patient safety and confidentiality in all that they do. Now, patients and families can learn about the services offered by the hospital through the website, whether the services are for children, adolescents, or adults.

While UBH Denton does not suggest that families assume a diagnosis without the input of a professional, the new website lays out warning signs that parents of young children should be aware of. Children who experience major changes in eating or sleeping habits, undergo extreme mood swings, begin hurting themselves, their toys, or other, have difficulty concentrating or appear sad and uninterested in their normal activities, experience a sudden drop in grades, isolate themselves, or express that they are hearing voices, might be experiencing signs of mental illness. Read more

Auto Europe Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Holidays

Auto Europe understands the stress people are trying to escape when they go on holidays; here’s how to make sure you don’t take it with you.

Holidays should be a chance for you to relax, recharge, and escape from the stress of your daily life, says Auto Europe, but all too often people’s minds are at work even while their toes are in the sand. Most people do enjoy their vacations, of course, but if you return home only to bounce immediately back to pre-holiday stress levels then your trip hasn’t done you much good. Make sure that you fully relax and let go of all that tension while you’re gone, and return refreshed and with much less stress with these tips from Auto Europe, an international car hire company. Read more