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Ipsos: Twitter Users Are More Into TV Than Non Twitter Users


The market research company Ipsos last week released a whitepaper - “The Twitter Effect: Understanding Twitter’s Role in TV Behaviors - detailing the extent to which Twitter users are more influential TV viewers (and TV discussers) than non users.

Anjali Midha, Twitter’s Global Media & Agency Research Director summarized the findings on Twitter’s Media Blog. Below, some of the key takeaways followed by an infographic:

  • Heavy TV viewers: People on Twitter are less likely to be cord-cutters or cord-nevers: 93% have a cable, satellite or fiber optic subscription, versus 86% of non-users.
  • Non-traditional viewers: In addition to watching live TV, Twitter users are significantly more likely than non-users to also watch content on non-traditional mediums, from online SVOD services (52% vs. 35%) to content freely available on the Internet (39% vs. 17%).
  • Binge watchers: 26% of Twitter users claim to binge watch, in contrast to 11% of non-users.
  • TV Influencers: 44% of Twitter users self-identify as being an expert or knowing a lot about TV, versus 32% of non-users. In addition, 50% of Twitter users say people seek their opinion on TV shows, compared to only 26% of non-users.
  • Social 2nd Screeners: The second screen experience is a part of the regular viewing routine for 34% of Twitter users, versus just 23% of non-users
  • TV App users: Those on Twitter are significantly more likely to use TV apps than non-users: 47% have downloaded a third-party TV app (versus 21% of non-users), while 44% have downloaded a network service app (versus 18% of non-users).

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Social Scoreboard: Week of December 8

If it’s live, America’s tweeting. FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ series finale and the second half premiere of ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 were bumped to third and fourth place, respectively, on Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings chart. The number one and two spots were filled by ‘The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ and the ’2014 Heisman Trophy Presentation’ (although it was a near lock that the Oregon Ducks’ Marcus Mariota would win). The Victoria’s Secret angels drove 1,216,000 tweets – nearly four times as many as the second place show in the category (‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ with 337,000 tweets).

Study Shows That Consumers Want a TV Guide

smarttvappsDespite all of your talk of digital innovation and changing landscapes of television, it turns out you’re just an old person who wants to know when your program is on. A recent study “Conquering Content” by Hub Entertainment research shows that:

Sixty percent agree they “need a universal listing that lets them find shows across all TV sources”,  vs. only 9% who disagree. Forty eight percent  say they are more likely to choose sources that make discovery of new shows easy, vs. only 9% who aren’t.

Really? We (or I do, for that matter) forget that appointment viewing is still kind of a thing — you have to know when to DVR a show or when to find it on Hulu after it airs. Smart TV manufacturers and content providers take note: give consumers easy, beautiful TV guides and they’ll notice. The study also reports thatRead more

‘Game of Thrones’ Was the Most Talked About TV Show on Facebook in 2014

Facebook_like_thumbFacebook last Tuesday released a host of Top 10 lists looking back at the most talked-about events, entertainers, and topics on the social network in 2014. ‘Game of Thrones’ topped the TV show list, and social TV staples such as ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ comprised the rest of the Top 3. Still, other shows such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (though its linear ratings are through the roof) and ‘Downton Abbey,’ not often mentioned as social TV staples were also part of the Top 5.

To host the lists, Facebook created a dedicated website— They also produced a year-end video. Below, the most talked-about* TV shows along with the video: Read more

OTT, Online Video, and the Arguments for and Against Cable

Brightcove-Logo2014 has been the year of unbundling and TV Everywhere. Content is king and networks, advertisers, and cable service providers are adapting quickly. Networks are finding better ways to monetize content online and on OTT platforms than they have been in the recent past, advertisers are reaching more targeted audiences, and cable service providers are also internet service providers.

Millenials are large drivers of this sea change – they spend 48% more time viewing online video than the average user and some (“cord nevers”) do not have cable and do not consider purchasing it.

Brightcove, a leading provider of video publishing and monetizing solutions, has 5,500+ customers (essentially every major player in the TV, OTT, and video content space) that rely on the company to guide it through the changing digital video landscape. For more on how the landscape is evolving, the argument for and against remaining a paying cable customer, and how networks can capitalize on OTT engagement and monetization heading in 2015, we spoke with Josh Normand, Brightcove’s VP of Sales: Read more

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert Lead This Week’s Top 5 Viral TV Clips on 5by

In this week’s installment of our partnership with 5by, the video discovery and messaging platform that curates the web’s best viral videos, we take a look at the top five videos of the week from the platform’s TV category.
For background on the videos selected, Theo Tabah, 5by’s Head of Content:

This week, the nominees for the Golden Globes were announced. It seems every year the competition gets better and better. Which TV show would you put your money on?

Jimmy Fallon was full of entertainment this week. He and the Ragtime Gals sang a barbershop quartet cover of ‘Sexual Healing’ with the help from Steve Carell, who has a terrible voice, but a great stage presence. Jimmy also had Ricky Gervais on the show for his famous ‘Lip Flip’. It wasn’t perfectly executed, but Ricky’s laugh is sure to have you laughing as well.

Stephen Colbert teamed up with Entertainment Weekly to go full Hobbit on us. He spent some serious time in makeup, but it was worth it. Who knew he could be transformed into not only Gandalf and Bilbo, but Legolas too.

On a more NSFW note, the season 5 trailer for Workaholics was released. There’s violence, drugs, nudity (yes, bare boobs, you’ve been warned), and so much more, all to make one of the most epic TV show trailers of the year.

Friday Links: OMG, OTT, WTF and More

brave venturesIt’s been a busy week and we can’t cover everything. Here’s a roundup of some good stories for your weekend reading pleasure.

1) OMG. OTT. WTF. If you missed this post by BRaVe Ventures this week, take some time to take it all in. They published this manifesto of sorts early in the week on the heels of NYC’s TV of Tomorrow Show, where many in the industry were talking about one thing: measurements and “the future.” Here’s a preview:

But OTT isn’t what they need to be WTF’ing about. Or at least not the technical aspects of it. What they need to be concerned with is measurement, what we’re calling “Over The Traditional” as in “get over the traditional ways of measuring” their attribution to live tune-in and start putting the pieces together across screens, stop relying on just traditional measurement systems and start preparing for the next wave of television.

These guys are onto something.

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Twitter Weighs In: Which Is More Beautiful – a Chipotle Burrito or the Victoria’s Secret Angels?

BBgCoh0‘The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ dominated the social ratings on Tuesday night, driving nearly four times the number of tweets as FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ finale.

According to our analytics partner Canvs, which measures Twitter sentiment, 323,427 of 1,215,733 tweets about the show were emotional reactions. 41% of the emotional reactions included the word “love” and 20% included “beautiful.” The show drove the most emotional reactions when Adriana Lima walked the runway in a million dollar fantasy bra Below, some more insights from Canvs on what drove the Twitter conversation, followed by an infographic: Read more

Social TV Year-in-Review: Peel CEO and Co-Founder Thiru Arunachalam

peel-smart-remote-462_1The below post is part of our 2014 Social TV Year-in-Review guest post series and is written by Peel CEO and Co-Founder Thiru Arunachalam

The Next Challenge for Social TV Is Quantifying Success

Social TV is no longer about simply creating a platform where fans and users can talk about shows they love or the “Did that really just happen?” moment from last night’s episode. In 2015, what will give social TV value is the ability to quantify its impact on ratings and revenue.

Nearly half of all smartphone owners watch TV with a device in hand on a daily basis.  A recent  Nielsen study revealed that 20 percent of tablet users and 13 percent of smartphone users have purchased TV-advertised products using their second screen. Bridging that last mile between second screen engagement and converting that engagement into ROI for advertisers and marketers is the big challenge for 2015.

Looking back on 2014, the social TV landscape hasn’t changed much, but the players in the space have consolidated or cleared out. This means that powerhouses Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate while vertically focused companies such as TVTag and Beamly are fading into the background. What remains clear is that in order to survive in the social TV landscape you need to be able to join the dominant player conversation and also show TV marketers what’s in it for them.

TV networks, marketers and advertisers have long struggled to measure the monetary impact of their social media campaigns. (Just because a Twitter user tweets about a TV show using an official show hashtag doesn’t mean that they are actually tuning in, let alone buying the sponsor’s products.)

As an industry, the inability to quantify the ROI of social TV created a huge chasm. Peel saw this as a significant area of opportunity in 2014. Leveraging the wide adoption of our smart remote app, we launched products–True Tune-in advertising and our Platform–which gave TV marketers tools to connect the dots between second-screen activity and what is happening on the TV itself.  With a simple tap of a banner on their smartphone, consumers can change the channel on their TV, program their DVR or set a watch later reminder. Read more

‘Peter Pan Live’ Took Out the ‘SOA’ Finale on Twitter

soafinale304x200Talk about being in the bubble. Watching the “Sons of Anarchy” series finale the other night and refreshing my Twitter feed, I was sure everyone in the whole wide world was watching and tweeting about it. And while it did rank second in the Nielsen Twitter ratings for Tuesday, compared to past episodes and other televised events this fall season, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

According to Amobee Intelligence, consumption — or how many times “Sons of Anarchy” was seen around the social web — was at 28%, which is the same as the season 7 premiere in September. When Katie Sagal’s character was murdered in early December, there was only 55% as much consumption as the premiere. During the broadcast and its after-show, there were:

65,300 tweets around #FinalRide – the hashtag heavily featured in promotional material for the episode. There were also 48,600 tweets around the show hashtag#SOA34,600 Tweets around #SOAFX24,200 tweets around #SOAFinal, and 15,500 tweets around the actual phrase Sons of Anarchy.

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