harrisfaulkner_304x200-300x197She anchors Fox News Channel’s weekend “Fox Report,” reports breaking news during the week across the network, and Harris Faulkner spoke to Lost Remote about her third job: leveraging social TV for Fox News.

“It’s how I watch television now,” Faulkner said about her knack for live-tweeting with viewers from the Fox News “deck” during the week. “I find to make it interesting to even myself, I like to kind of multi-platform things.”

The nine-year Fox veteran loves bringing fans from social media in to her reporting, telling us how a Colorado marijuana legalization segment blowing up online integrated live on-air.

“It was one of our most responded to segments because people knew I would read what they were posting,” she said about sharing appropriate for air comments during the show.  “Their content is often so intuitive, it’s part of a conversation that you put your eyes on for just a second while you were also broadcasting live.”

She also notes how the increased synergy between social media and TV News is helping bring in younger viewers—the holy grail for cable news executives —since younger viewers grew up multi-tasking compared to their older counterparts. Read more