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Why Time Warner Cable is Offering Fan TV to Subscribers

fan-tv-thumbAhead of its potential merger with Comcast, Time Warner Cable announced this week that Fanhattan’s Fan TV set-top boxes are now available to subscribers for $99. Fan TV is meant as a replacement for current set-top boxes, and blends the pay TV and online streaming experiences in a more visually appealing way.

Fan TV debuted at AllThingsD’s D11 conference last year, but has since lacked support from major cable providers. The partnership with Time Warner Cable should help Fan TV secure more deals, both with cable service providers and streaming services. Still, Fan TV currently remains limited in its streaming content offerings. Fan TV users can, as of now, only access Crackle, Target Ticket, Rhapsody, and Redbox Instant. HBO GO and Netflix – streaming device stalwarts – are conspicuously missing. 

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TV Everywhere Let’s You Stay Plugged In During the Holidays Anywhere You Go

TV EverywhereThe holidays are here and that means long lines at department stores, waiting at the airport for delayed flights, or sitting in the carpool lane in holiday traffic. TV Everywhere is your new best friend to help pass the time and is here to remind you that you #CouldBeWatchingTV through your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you go.

‘True Detective’ Finale Crashes HBO Go

HBO Go crashed last night during new hit ‘True Detective’s” season finale, leaving lots of fans angry.

This morning, HBO said the problem was fixed.

The reason for the crash has not been revealed, but common sense would indicate all those users borrowing their mothers, brothers, and work colleagues account passwords to watch created more online users than available bandwith.

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HBO GO is coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

hbogo_logoLast week at the inaugural Buzzfeed Brews event in New York, BuzzFeed Business Editor Peter Lauria interviewed HBO’s CEO Richard Plepler about “about the future of the industry, changes at Time Warner, and digital and streaming video’s encroachment on cable TV.”

At the event, Plepler also announced that HBO and PlayStation have partnered to offer HBO GO on PlayStation 3, with PlayStation 4 soon to follow. This is a big addition to PlayStation’s app offerings, and it will certainly help bolster HBO GO’s growing streaming numbers.

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Connect to all your TV viewing apps from one place, meet Plizy

We first wrote about Plizy back in October 2011. Over a year ago, the concept of curating all your video in one place was a bit early on for a social TV environment that was still only focused on real-time airings and linear. Today’s TV viewer’s iPad home screen is dominated with video viewing apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and your provider’s app (if they have a good one). Now Plizy is using your social graph and let you easily navigate to each of these TV video platforms. Read more

CollegeHumor reveals the ‘Secret of HBO Go’

Remember the short-lived but hilarious campaign to “Take My Money HBO”? Six months later HBO Go is still revolutionizing the way we watch TV (and our favorite HBO content). Now CollegeHumor has come out with an hilarious video to poke fun at all of those people who use a parent, or friend’s HBO Go password. Watch it here. Read more

Meet the team that created HBO GO

HBO is known for their massive library of addicting original TV content. In February 2010 the premium cable network launched HBO GO, a TV Everywhere platform that allows you to watch their content on multiple devices as long as you have a login. The platform has grown so popular that a movement was started by Jake Caputo to "take my money HBO" for a standalone version of Go that isn't tied down to an MSO subscription. In late May we went to uncover the developers and creative minds who built this platform that has changed the way HBO content is consumed. Meet the team that built Go with the smart executives at HBO who green lit this project.

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HBO tries new social TV tactics to build buzz for 'True Blood'

Arguably the most exciting premiere of the summer has been HBO's True Blood. There are multiple eye-gripping storylines that make you forget there was a year between season four and the recently-launched season five. The show's passionate community has been tapped by HBO's social efforts since the beginning. We spoke with HBO Vice President of Social Media and Performance Marketing, Sabrina Caluori about their social TV strategy for season five.

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How 'True Blood' season five premiered on social [infographic]

The long awaited True Blood season five premiered on HBO as we find out what happened to Tara and what Bill and Eric's fate will bring them. The TV event was sure to make a big splash on social as one of TV's biggest Sunday night's of the year ensued. Bluefin Labs provided Lost Remote with an analysis on the buzz.

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How much would you pay for a standalone HBO GO?

This is the question Jake Caputo, owner of design shop Design Crumbs, asked last night as he launched, a site that allows you to tweet @HBOGO and @HBO how much you'd be willing to pay them for a standalone HBO GO account that's not tied to a linear TV subscription. We spoke with Jake about his attempt to get the premium cable channel's attention, but first: how much are people willing to pay?

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