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Exclusive: Starz Kicks Off 25 Days of #OutlanderOfferings

ols1_25dag_tease_1200x900Beginning today Starz is kicking off ’25 Days of #OutlanderOfferings,’ culminating in a Christmas Day marathon of the first eight episodes of Season 1.

For the next 25 days, Starz will release exclusive ‘Outlander’ content across Twitter and Facebook, including cast interviews, never-before-seen footage, holiday recipes, e-cards, Outlander Store discounts, and the chance to win a show prize pack by answering trivia questions or tweeting using #OutlanderOfferings.

“The idea behind #OutlanderOfferings is that we wanted to thank our fans and give them something special for the holidays for being so supportive of our show,” David Muehl, Digital Marketing Director for Starz, tells Lost Remote. “We have one of the most dedicated, loyal, and engaged fan base and this is one way we wanted to show our appreciation.” Read more

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TV Everywhere Let’s You Stay Plugged In During the Holidays Anywhere You Go

TV EverywhereThe holidays are here and that means long lines at department stores, waiting at the airport for delayed flights, or sitting in the carpool lane in holiday traffic. TV Everywhere is your new best friend to help pass the time and is here to remind you that you #CouldBeWatchingTV through your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you go.

Starz’s ‘Black Sails’ Makes Brands Walk the Plank on #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Bx54yveCEAIsCjJLast Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day - a big social media event each year – and brands inevitably try to capitalize on the trending #TalkLikeAPirateDay hashtag on Twitter.

The problem, though, according to Starz’s pirate-centric ‘Black Sails,’ is that brands don’t know how to truly talk like pirates; so the “Black Sails” crew showed them how.

The best exchange stemmed from a White Castle tweet: “Why just talk like a pirate when you can eat like one, too? Sliderrrrrs. #TalkLikeAPirateDay.”

Black Sails replied: “.@WhiteCastle Eat like a pirate? I’m guessing your sliders are not made of ship rats like ours are. #TalkLikeAPirate #BlackSails.”

This forced White Castle to have to respond with a tweet that made it clear that their burgers were 100% beef: “.@BlkSails_Starz Arrrrren’t ye the jokester? #100PercentBeef

Below, a ‘Black Sails’ storify highlighting its best exchanges with brands on Talk Like a Pirate Day: Read more

Facebook Fan Communities Building Buzz for STARZ’s ‘Outlander’

outlanderpic-copy__140502200834-575x383During the day Alex Garcia is Global Director of Social at Deloitte Digital in Seattle; at night, he moderates two of the largest Outlander fan communities on Facebook. Garcia is a self-described “Facebook page and group geek” who tends to create pages for things he’s crazy about.

According to Garcia, Facebook pages are more for broadcasting content whereas groups are designed for people to meet each other and has more of a community feel. Garcia moderates the page, “Outlander Fans,” and the group, “Outlander Series Facebook Group.” The page has just over 30,000 likes while the group has over 25,000 members.

Two weeks ago we wrote that, with Outlander, “STARZ has a social TV hit on its hands, and the show hasn’t even started yet,” and Garcia agrees. “Outlander is going to be huge,” Garcia told Lost Remote via email. “It has everything it needs to push it to success: huge communities that create content, fandom, share, and invite and promote what they love.” Read more

Exclusive: STARZ Launches ‘Apothecary Cabinet’ Ahead of ‘Outlander’ Premiere

outlander-first-look-starzSTARZ has a social TV hit on its hands, and the show hasn’t even started yet.

‘Outlander’, which premieres August 9, is based on Diana Gabaldon’s seven-book series that has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. The eighth installment of the ‘Outlander’ series titled ‘Written in My Own Heart’s Blood’ was released two weeks ago.

Ahead of the series premiere and to capitalize on the buzz around the eighth installment of the book, STARZ launched, a social destination which aggregates the latest ‘Outlander’ content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and fan blogs. In an email exchange with Erin Dwyer, Executive Director for Digital Marketing at STARZ, Dwyer told Lost Remote that “ visitor numbers are outpacing 5 of our other Original programming experiences in lifetime visits and we haven’t aired yet!”

STARZ today is also launching an Apothecary Cabinet on, a second screen feature which allows users to explore plants and herbs used during the 1700s when modern medicine wasn’t available.  These remedies will factor heavily into the series and users will be able to find information on 14 different plants that were used to treat everything from warts and corns to heart attacks and infection. Each of the interactive information cards are shareable via social. Read more

An inside look at Starz’s social TV strategy for ‘The White Queen’

We’ve been tracking the growth of Starz as both a premium cable network and social TV trendsetter for almost two years. The network faces similar challenges that startups face when trying to grow in a world of fierce competition. They’ve proven with Boss, Spartacus and now their new drama, The White Queen that social can make a huge impact on the success of a premiere and building a brand around a show that’s about to be unleashed. We spoke with Starz Executive Director of Digital Marketing Erin Dwyer about their social TV strategy for the show.

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How Starz is using social to show that pirates are better than zombies

Starz continues to grow in popularity as they get ready to launch more originals than ever before. Michael Bay’s Black Sails, set to launch in January 2014 had a big presence at Comic-Con and has already sparked fan interested in a big way. The pirate adventure, starring Zach McGowan (Jody from Shameless), “centers on the tales of Captain Flint and his men and takes place twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic ‘Treasure Island.’” The show has even already received a second season order before the first season has aired. Fueled by a social campaign and Comic-Con activation the network has already engaged social TV fans in a big way by showing off why pirates are better than zombies. Read more

An inside look at Starz companion app for ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’

Starz new series, Da Vinci’s Demons shows viewers, “the secret history of Leonardo da Vinci’s tantalizing life reveals a portrait of a young man tortured by a gift of superhuman genius.” To bring this new world to life the network has launched a brand new companion app called,  “Da Vinci’s Demons: Citizens of Florence,” a second screen app allowing users to understand the world of Da Vinci beyond the main screen. Here are the details. Read more

An inside look at ‘Battle for Nuceria,’ the Spartacus social TV experience

In January, Spartacus, a Starz original series, will launch its third and final season “War of the Damned”. Months before the season airs the network launched a detailed and exciting social TV experience for fans called “Battle for Nuceria,” allowing fans to engage with the show and characters through missions and experiences where they can earn points and win prizes. We interviewed Erin Dwyer, Starz Executive Director of Digital Marketing about the details of this impressive social TV experience. Read more

Starz integrates 'Boss' Facebook fans in amazing video trailer

The show that will replace the void in viewers' hearts after Breaking Bad ends will be the Starz returning drama, Boss. Last year's first season received critical acclaim and the network launched a social experience to capture the scandal from the show as Kelsey Grammer (Mayor Tom Kane) put him the best performance of his career. This time, they've created an amazing Facebook-connected video trailer that makes you the central character through some snazzy technological trickery.

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How STARZ is using social TV with ‘Boss’ and ‘Spartacus’

As the year comes to an end, it's a good time to reflect on some of the best television shows from this fall. There's been a handful of new successes from the premium cable channels, which is no surprise since they're able to be riskier and raunchier not having to answer to advertisers and broadcast standards. The premium cable space is also much smaller, so it's often even more competitive than broadcast and cable. Since 2009's cult-favorite Party Down (which is now being made into a movie) STARZ has been smartly investing in more original programming as the network competes in the premium cable world that has constantly benefited TV fans with superb content.

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