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Twitter Chats and TV Stars Just Don’t Mix

gwenchatTwitter chats are the bane of my existence and if you’re trying to market a television show, they should be yours, too. They are messy, hard to follow, and usually not that interesting at best. At the very least, the show or star should ask the questions, not the other way around.

Like Monday night’s Twitter chat with Gwen Stefani, promoted by Twitter, “The Voice” judge was taking questions and promoting her new album. The chat was supposed to be moderated with the hashtags #BabyDontLie, the name of her new single, and #AskGwenStefani.

No one expects a Twitter chat with a primetime celebrity and musician to be deep. But what could be good publicity — like a Reddit AMA — ends up in the social media ether on Twitter. Like this:

Or this:

In all, she answered about 20 questions in the half hour block after the “The Voice” on Monday night, sifting through abuse and nonsense. Once upon a time, a Twitter chat was a good idea, a way to see how much you could engage with your followers. These days? There has to be a better way.

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TV Everywhere Let’s You Stay Plugged In During the Holidays Anywhere You Go

TV EverywhereThe holidays are here and that means long lines at department stores, waiting at the airport for delayed flights, or sitting in the carpool lane in holiday traffic. TV Everywhere is your new best friend to help pass the time and is here to remind you that you #CouldBeWatchingTV through your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you go.

America: Land of the Made for TV Movie Online Live in Social Media

usalargeAmerica’s influence in the world derives as much from movies, hamburgers and video games as military might. Entrepreneurs in South African slums rent time to refugees to play EA’s FIFA Sports 2015; the McDonald’s in Tblisi enjoys a brisk business in Big Macs; and Marvel’s The Avengers grosses $18m in Venezuela. These are all small snacks of love American-style.

America’s newfangled cultural vanguard emanates from Cable TV, YouTube, Ebay and Twitter. Like their forebears, these made-in-the-USA inventions were also incubated in Ray Croc’s home state of California. Collectively, they constitute a giant feed with teats into every wired person on the planet.

So, why on earth is America’s cultural influence losing ratings points?

Rather than expanding its once-dominant cultural hegemony, America’s influence is actually flagging. The culprit is social media, and to a lesser extent, television in all its new forms. Social media is the antithesis of the studio system. Individuals – not media outlets, businesses, organizations or governments – now publish 94% of online content. In the face of this exponential proliferation of media, the power of any single message, country, or even medium, is invariably diluted. America created the plumbing to distribute media; the people firmly control the poop.

Of course, America itself is more diverse. In turn, its cultural export is commensurately less homogenous – pockmarked by homemade 6-second Vines and snaps of X-Pro II filtered Instagram photos as well as sat feeds of The Voice and illegal downloads of CSI: Crime Scene. The impact of social media is the self-organization of people everywhere into narrower and narrower affinities. People do not choose between rock and country anymore, because they boast access to every music genre through Spotify and iTunes. People are alternately defined by none of their media, and by all of it. They smoke; they are not smokers. They ride motorcycles; they are not bikers. They watch Star Trek; they are not Trekkies. Read more

Drama Between ‘The Voice’ Judges Boosts Social Engagement

thevoiceYou could watch “The Voice” when it airs or catch it on Hulu. Or you could just read their Twitter feed. The sing-off competition is one of the most popular social television shows during its broadcast but you can get a full recap from the videos posted to their social media accounts.

Live-tweeting is hard to do. If you actually read through the #Scandal hashtags, you don’t get a full picture of everything that’s going on. It’s reaction and emotion based. “The Voice” team doesn’t engage viewers in the competition aside from the “Instant Save” or retweeting who your “judge boo” is, which is all pretty standard Twitter fare. Read more

You Can Now Google ‘America’s Got Talent’ to Save Your Favorite Contestants

2012-07-26-Americas_Got_TalentLast night, NBC’s hit show ‘America’s Got Talent,’ began to incorporate voting and instant save in a new way: Google Search.  The show is partnering with Google to allow fans to Google the terms “America’s Got Talent” or “AGT” starting at the end of the live show to access the vote, and then also tonight during the results show, to instantly save an act close to being sent home.

“We’re excited to bring fans an easy and interactive way to vote for their favorite acts on America’s Got Talent,” said Anjali Joshi, VP of Product Management, Google. “With a simple search on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, you can support acts you love, and also help save them from elimination.” Read more

NBC finishes strong with The #VoiceFinale

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.07.18 PMNBC’s The Voice finale last week ended an extremely social TV season. Since 2011  we’ve been covering the impact this show has had on the social TV world. Last season we saw #VoiceSave take off and most recently we wrote about how Telescope has powered both #VoiceSave and #VoiceTailgate. For the finale, Lost Remote partner Canvs (Mashwork’s new social TV analytics platform) took a deep look at the highlights from the show and how #VoiceFinale ended up becoming the most used hashtag throughout the broadcast. Here are the details. Read more

How Telescope-Powered Voting Helps ‘The Voice’ Set Twitter Records

thevoiceNBC’s ‘The Voice’ is one of the most social shows for good reason: throughout this season, fans have been able to have a direct impact on the results of the show by tweeting. #VoiceTailgate and #VoiceSave have taken participation TV to the next level, and according to Twitter, “the May 13 episode of “The Voice” became the most tweeted-about TV series episode since Nielsen Social began measuring Twitter television conversation in 2011.” The 1.92 million Tweets were seen 29.8 million times by 3.8 million people.

In November, ‘The Voice’ introduced #VoiceSave, which has given fans the power to save their favorite contestants in real-time during the live elimination show. Then, in April, ‘The Voice’ launched #VoiceTailgate, a social TV pre show where “viewers will be able to feel intimately involved with ‘The Voice’ coaches and their favorite artists by engaging in #VoiceTailgate via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Snapchat,Pinterest and Tumblr.”

#VoiceSave is powered by Telescope, a social TV company that is able to help networks implement accurate, real-time, fan participation activations. Participation TV lends itself particularly well to award shows, sporting events, and singing competitions, but Telescope’s impressive client roster also includes MSNBC, BBC, and Macy’s.

Lost Remote asked Telescope CEO Jason George, who has worked in the iTV space since 1994, whether #VoiceSave and #VoiceTailgate serve as a counter argument to NBC research chief Alan Wurtzel’s recent comments that Twitter does not impact ratings. “I’m not a stats or data guy, so I honestly don’t know the validity – but I try to look at it logically:” George began, “if, as with #VoiceSave, a campaign is exposing my brand to 3.8m people in a short space of time, is it likely that will have an effect on viewer awareness and their likelihood to tune in? I’d think so, though creating a causal relationship between this and an actual rating eyeball is going to be tricky, I imagine.” Read more

‘The Voice’ launches #VoiceTailgate social pre-show

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.51.13 AMWith “The Voice” heating up, the production that’s been an early investor in social TV has decided to take their huge following and loud fans to the next level.

Yesterday, the production launched #VoiceTailgate a social TV pre show where, “viewers will be able to feel intimately involved with ‘The Voice’ coaches and their favorite artists by engaging in #VoiceTailgate via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr.”

There will also be on-air integrations. “On- air, host Carson Daly will mention highlights from the social party during his live hits from the Sprint skybox.” Read more

‘Recipe to Riches’ Trivia app gives fans ability to effect show’s outcome

downloadIn December, we wrote about how Telescope was charged by NBC to power The Voice’s immensely popular #VoiceSave initiative. On Tuesday, CBC-TV announced the launch of the Telescope-produced ‘Recipe to Riches’ Trivia app.

‘Recipe to Riches’ is a Canadian cooking show similar to Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ in many ways. What sets the two shows apart, though, according to judge Gail Simmons, is that ‘Recipe to Riches’ chefs are all amateur, home cooks.

“We’re excited to be able to engage with our audience on a multi-platform level,” said Paul McGrath, executive producer, interactive at CBC. “It’s a great way to build momentum throughout the season and to involve the audience from day one”.

Read more

What does the long, long, tail of Twitter mean for social TV?

Social-TV“Twitter is giant, and it has an outsize influence on popular and not-so-popular culture, but that influence seems due to the fact that it’s popular among influential people and provides energetic reverberation for their thoughts–and lots and lots of people who sit back and listen.” A new report by Jon Bruner of O’Reilly Radar concludes that though Twitter is a behemoth in both size and influence, many of its users are inactive.  Read more

Exclusive: NBC announces social TV growth for ‘The Voice’ at Lost Remote Show

thevoiceWe’ve covered NBC’s The Voice closely this season as the show continues to innovate in social TV. Over two years ago, The Voice set a social TV precedent in how new platforms can take a show to the next level. We’ve continued to cover the show and this season we watched as they took social to the next level again by launching #VoiceSave. Vice President of Marketing for
NBC Entertainment, Jared Goldsmith just presented results about #VoiceSave and the show’s social TV growth for the first time at the Lost Remote Show in LA. Read more