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Social TV Year-in-Review: Peel CEO and Co-Founder Thiru Arunachalam

peel-smart-remote-462_1The below post is part of our 2014 Social TV Year-in-Review guest post series and is written by Peel CEO and Co-Founder Thiru Arunachalam

The Next Challenge for Social TV Is Quantifying Success

Social TV is no longer about simply creating a platform where fans and users can talk about shows they love or the “Did that really just happen?” moment from last night’s episode. In 2015, what will give social TV value is the ability to quantify its impact on ratings and revenue.

Nearly half of all smartphone owners watch TV with a device in hand on a daily basis.  A recent  Nielsen study revealed that 20 percent of tablet users and 13 percent of smartphone users have purchased TV-advertised products using their second screen. Bridging that last mile between second screen engagement and converting that engagement into ROI for advertisers and marketers is the big challenge for 2015.

Looking back on 2014, the social TV landscape hasn’t changed much, but the players in the space have consolidated or cleared out. This means that powerhouses Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate while vertically focused companies such as TVTag and Beamly are fading into the background. What remains clear is that in order to survive in the social TV landscape you need to be able to join the dominant player conversation and also show TV marketers what’s in it for them.

TV networks, marketers and advertisers have long struggled to measure the monetary impact of their social media campaigns. (Just because a Twitter user tweets about a TV show using an official show hashtag doesn’t mean that they are actually tuning in, let alone buying the sponsor’s products.)

As an industry, the inability to quantify the ROI of social TV created a huge chasm. Peel saw this as a significant area of opportunity in 2014. Leveraging the wide adoption of our smart remote app, we launched products–True Tune-in advertising and our Platform–which gave TV marketers tools to connect the dots between second-screen activity and what is happening on the TV itself.  With a simple tap of a banner on their smartphone, consumers can change the channel on their TV, program their DVR or set a watch later reminder. Read more

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TV Everywhere Let’s You Stay Plugged In During the Holidays Anywhere You Go

TV EverywhereThe holidays are here and that means long lines at department stores, waiting at the airport for delayed flights, or sitting in the carpool lane in holiday traffic. TV Everywhere is your new best friend to help pass the time and is here to remind you that you #CouldBeWatchingTV through your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you go.

With its Expansion into China, Peel’s 300 Million Device Goal is in Reach

peel-smart-remote-462_1Peel’s quest to be the dominant smart remote technology continues.

The company announced last week at the 2014 Mobile Asia Expo that ‘Alcatel OneTouch’ a brand of TCL Communications, has agreed to preload Peel on some of its latest smart devices. Another Chinese smartphone maker, ZTE, had earlier agreed to do the same on the ‘Star 1,’ its flagship phone, released in April.

As we’ve recently covered, Peel has 75 million activated users globally and plans to have its app preloaded on at least 300 million devices sold in the next few years. These goals are lofty, but they’re certainly attainable for a company that has its app preloaded on all the latest Samsung tablets and smartphones, along with the HTC One. Read more

How The History Channel Will Use Peel’s New Advertising Technology

peel1Beginning today, The History Channel will become the first network to use a new advertising technology from Peel – the smart remote app company – that will enable users of Peel’s app to change the channel to a promoted show, DVR the show, or set up a calendar reminder by clicking on an in-app banner.

The potential of this advertising solution is tremendous; networks spend months to promote a new show through traditional and social advertising, but they have never had influence on the viewer as the viewer is deciding on what channel to turn to remote in-hand.

The History Channel will use the solution to promote ‘The World Wars,’ a three-night series about the three decades of fighting that spanned across Europe, Africa, China and the Pacific precipitated by World War I.

“The History Channel is taking advantage of a truly disruptive technology,” said Thiru Arunachalam, Peel CEO. “We’re giving programming producers exactly what they need – a call to action that tunes viewers in directly to the program.” Read more

Peel Continues Push to Be Leading Smart Remote Technology Company

peel1Peel yesterday released a major update to its ‘Smart Remote’ app for Android. Just last month, we wrote about how the new Samsung Galaxy S5 would be preloaded with a ‘Smart Remote’ app powered by Peel’s smartRemote technology.

The new updates to the app includes better TV content recommendations and social media features. Despite the new social enhancements, when we interviewed Thiru Arunachalam, CEO and co-founder of Peel, about the announcement that Peel would be preloaded on the Galaxy S5, Arunachalam made it clear that Peel does not see itself as a social TV company. Said Arunachalam at the time: “Twitter has won the battle and social TV companies are either dead or dying. We are a smart remote technology.”

On the content recommendation front, the ‘Smart Remote’ app will include categories such as ‘Tonight on TV,’ ‘Weekend TV’ and ‘Not to Be Missed,’ curating for users selections of must-watch shows and movies. The app also includes improved reminder features, making it easier for users to set up calendar notifications when a show of interest is set to air. Read more

Peel CEO: “Social TV Companies Are Either Dead or Dying”

unnamed (1)Last week the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released with a preloaded “Smart Remote” app, powered by Peel’s smartRemote technology. Peel turns smartphones and tablets into universal remotes and content recommenders. HTC’s preloaded “Sense TV” app is also powered by Peel’s technology.

When asked about the social-TV impact of Peel being preloaded on the new Galaxy, Thiru Arunachalam, CEO and co-founder of Peel, told Lost Remote:

“We don’t see ourselves as a social TV company. Twitter has won the battle and social TV companies are either dead or dying. We are a smart remote technology.  We believe we provide the best, most comprehensive smart remote experience of anyone in the market. We work with more devices, more MSOs and have aggregated more TV listings globally than any other company. That is why Samsung, HTC, ZTE and many more to be announced in the near future, have preloaded Peel on their IR-enabled phones and tablets.”

Read more