StumbleUpon 5by Partner Channel Launch

5by, a video discovery app, recently announced media partnerships with VICE Media, Tribeca Enterprises, and DEFY Media. 5by allows users to find, watch, and share web videos and, rather than search for content, the app creates playlists based on ratings and a user’s mood. Along with the media partnerships, 5by also announced that both its iOS and Android apps are now compatible with Google Chromecast.

“5by is all about recommending and delivering the best videos. VICE, Tribeca and DEFY Media are some of the best video content creators and through our collaborations, 5by users can navigate those channels to watch freshly curated video playlists,” 5by CEO Greg Isenberg tells Lost Remote.

VICE, Tribeca, and DEFY will have partner channels and will be curating custom video playlists. The experiences will appear to 5by users either on the home screen or as channels depending on the time of day and on individual preferences.

“Partner channels are a win-win: 5by users are introduced to great content, and partners build new audiences and increase views,” Isenberg added. “We’re excited to work with additional creators, publishers and brands to realize this mutually beneficial vision.”

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