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Television Fanatic Anticipates 2014 Premiers

The year 2013 was a big year for television; shows like Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead dominated the screens, but Television Fanatic believes that 2014 will bring in some fresh programming that is sure to attract followers. This browser extension provider is known for delivering top quality television shows to customers’ computer screens for free. Now, people do not have to focus on being near a television to catch their favorite programs.

With dozens of new shows around the corner, having this browser extension will be ideal for people that want to stay on top of their new favorite programs. Below are some of the most anticipated shows that are debuting in 2014.


True Detective

HBO will be releasing a new drama entitled True Detective in mid-January starring Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Dunn, and Michelle Monaghan. Television Fanatic explains how the show will follow two detectives who re-open a murder case that takes place in Louisiana.

What makes this show so enticing is the fact that it will follow a unique structure of jumping between the present day and events that occurred over 17 years ago. Each episode will focus on a different character’s point-of-view, similar to LOST, which gained a huge following several years ago. Finally, the show will be an anthology and will feature a new cast and a new case each season so as to maintain interest an interesting structure and to prevent repetition.


Mind Games

Television Fanatic mentions how ABC is launching the show Mind Games in March, starring Steve Zahn, Christian Slater, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Gregory Marcel. The plot revolves around two brothers, one of whom is an ex-convict and the other is a bipolar albeit brilliant college professor. These two brothers start an agency that uses scientific methods to help clients solve problems. The acting talents of both Zahn and Slater are expected to reel in varied audiences who will want to check out this underdog drama that will spruce up the ABC lineup.


Black Sails

Starz is revealing Black Sails at the end of January, a show being spearheaded by the acting prowess of Toby Stephens, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Hannah New, and Tom Hopper. Television Fanatic indicates that this show will be a prequel to the literary classic, Treasure Island. Captain Flint will team up with a lass as he travels around the Caribbean in 1715, plundering and pillaging according to the pirate lifestyle. The pirate genre has been relatively low key over the past few years and there has hardly been any television shows dedicated to these buccaneers.

Black Sails has the benefit of being aired on Starz, where violence and language remains unhindered. Therefore, the actors-turned-pirates do not have to worry about being censored and viewers will get a true grasp of these dangerous professions.


The 100

Television Fanatic commends the CW for its potential hit show, The 100, which is due for release in mid-March. The show will star Eliza Taylor, Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco, Kelly Hu, and Isaiah Washington. The story takes place in the future, after the Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war. Civilization has moved to an orbiting space station where humanity is governed by Draconian laws.

Meanwhile, 100 delinquents are sent back down to Earth to determine if it is inhabitable or not. Television Fanatic believes that this show will see the same success as the Hunger Games had in theaters. The two programs have similar premises revolving around dystopian civilization and teenage protagonists. Both teenagers and young adults can tune into this hard sci-fi drama that will possibly change the CW’s image to a more genre-oriented network.

“Zombies are becoming a bit too cliché in the media now,” expresses a television enthusiast. “We have plenty of movies, books, shows, and video games that focus on the zombie world. The next zombie fiction that comes out has to be revolutionary or else it will attract a very limited audience. We need something fresh!”

Television Fanatic is excited to announce ABC’s newest fantasy drama series that will start broadcasting at the beginning of March 2014 entitled Resurrection. The show will follow residents of the city of Arcadia, Missouri as they encounter a strange phenomenon: all of their deceased loved ones are returned from the grave. These reanimated citizens have not aged since their supposed deaths, leaving living people to be mystified by this occurrence.

The plot will focus on one particular boy, Jacob, who drowned thirty years ago and whose body was found in China. When he returns to America, the local sheriff of Arcadia will delve into the mystery behind Jacob and his death since his own wife also died trying to rescue the boy from drowning. Actors featured in this show will include Omar Epps, Devin Kelley, Frances Fisher, and Kurtwood Smith. Television Fanatic believes that Resurrection is the perfect way to refresh the zombie genre.

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